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Our Products

With Bajopay we make solutions that are build for your business model. We do this because we know that every business model is unique and comes with its own challenges. Get a closer look into how Bajopay helps our customers continue growing and provide all payments made easy with the newest solutions. Bajopay can help you with anything from Online Payments, Mobile payments and POS terminals. 

Bajopay All Payments Made Easy

Accept online payments on any device or channel, whatever your business model. Add payment methods easily, and increase your conversion rate for customers all over the world.


Customisable for your brand, provide you with great user experience and always easy to set-up.

POS terminals ready to fit any business and setup. Make payments easy as we provide you with a range of fully-certified POS terminals, with flexible options to fit any business 

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Bajopay POS-software will be something worth waiting for. Please write us, and we will let you know, when we are ready. You can also follow us on our social media, where you can keep yourself posted about any new things happening at Bajopay. 

Be ready with one click. BajoPOS will provide you with everything you need and can be used by everyone. This is a flagship when it comes to POS-solutions, and many hours of development has been added into this product. Be ready for anything with this all in-one solution.

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We make it easy to integrate your existing electronic Point of Sale (ePOS) or Property Management System (PMS), giving you exceptional speed and efficiency.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Constantly providing our partners with the newest solutions, we offer to improve your customer journey by giving them the option to pay in their local currency.


We offer Dynamic Currency Conversion for both online and in-store (POS) solutions. 

What is DCC? Our Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) available on our POS terminals provide your foreign cardholders with the choice, to pay local or in their own home currency. You as retailer also have the option to take a commission on each transaction. 

How does it work? A visitor from China comes to visit your store, or makes a purchase online. The terminal will recognise where their card is from and offer them the options to either proceed, or complete the purchase  in Yen.

How does it benefit your customers?

  • Provide the customers the choice to pay in there local currency.

  • Easy to use and convenient 

  • Improve customer´s expirence

  • Transparency on exchange rate

  • Visa and Mastercard compliant  

We know what your customers want. With Bajopay we have made it easy for you to accept the most commonly used cards and payment methods from around the world. 

Changes occur almost every day and what is the next thing your customers ask for when it comes to Payments? Bajopay adapts to those changes and we make sure that you can keep growing your business.  

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