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Green Payments

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Your company and all your customers have now made it possible for Bajopay to help plant 

*last updated 23.8.2022





Trees back into nature

From November 2022, Bajopay will be donating part of there annual profits (minimum 25.000 kr.) towards Plant-a-tree. We will be starting by donating 

As a company, we believe in acting responsibly. For Bajopay, we believe in Karma. Company Karma means that you get what you give. We are committed to do business while doing more good in the world. 

Though the people we work together with, to the planet we are walking on and our mission as a company we seek to grow and act sustainably. Bajopay aim to embrace change and lead the way for a better tomorrow. For our planet, as well for the next generations to come. 

For every transaction that goes through, Bajopay donate 5% of our annual profits (minimum 25.000 Kr.) 

to "Plant-A-Tree" - That's help plant trees for a better environment and with the future in mind.

Bajopay green.png

Our forrest

Why trees? Well basically because if there where no trees we would not be able to breath. Secondly because less than 3% of the Danish forests are safe untouched sanctuaries! There is no place for all the rare animals and plants that lives in the forests. 


With the donations from Bajopay, we can help to plant out more trees and take care of our environment and our kids future. 

How does it work?

Actually, it is very simple like everything else at Bajopay. Our main goal is to be as transparent as possible, and we want things to be simple and easy to understand for everyone. 

Bajopay is donating 5% of our annual profit (minimum 25.000 kr.) towards the Plant-a-tree organisation where the money will be used to buying trees to be planted all around Denmark.

Using a Payment solution from Bajopay is  everything you need. The moment your customers use their card, mobile or smartwatch we call it "green payments" because they are now contributing to plant more trees back into the ground all around Denmark.


This is our way of saying thanks to our planet and leave a small footprint for future generations to come. 


Company karma


We want to create value for all our partners and be the leading payment solutions in selected markets by working hard and dedicated every day.

Life is all about choices and Bajopay don’t want to be just a brand. Instead, we listen, we look, and we learn every day from our customers.

Green payments are free to provide for your customers because it is all part of our service when using Bajopay.

Our mission is to take care of our planet. We want to reduce our footstep, and while we know that it might take some time, we will continuously broaden our actions and push progress.

Bajopay green.png

The Plant-a-tree organisation

The Plant-a-tree organisation works to improve the knowledge for trees and make bigger understanding towards the importance of keeping and replanting trees in nature..


The Plant-a-tree organisation support project that creates more habitats for animals and plants and the opportunity for great nature experiences.


The Plant-a-tree organisation is an independent, private and a non-profit foundation.

So fare the organisation has planted more then 1.5 million trees all around Denmark.

Plant-a-tree wants to create a Denmark where more people is aware of the importance of taking care of our trees and hopefully make more people plant trees on there own.


Trees makes the living of almost everything on this planet, and Plant-a-tree wants to educate and tell people about this.

Plant-et-træ billede-min.PNG
plant et træ-min.PNG

Picture borrowed from Plant-a-tree homepage

Authentic change


Authentic change means that we take action in all parts of life when wanting to leave our planet a better place for our next generations.


We know that many of our partners already do a lot of things to minimize there footsteps and green payments is the next step for those wanting to lead the green path. 

Authentic change comes by leading and doing what feels natural, we want to make a true impact by initiating change and supporting others to do the same. 

We simply can't stop pushing for change and hope that you all will welcome the future of payments. 

Want to learn more about green payments?

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