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All payments made easy

Our mission is to help small, mid and big-market companies thrive in global commerce. Bajopay provides seamless experienced payment solutions to your customers - wherever your customers are, however they wish to pay and through any device.


Bajopay adapts to changes, knowing that the future demands for payment solutions will expand and we are ready for those changes.


With Bajopay we have made everything easy. One single connection to receive payments across mobile, e-commerce and in-store channels. Enjoy full transparency over payment data and cost, regardless of how your customers prefer to pay.

Ingenico move 5000 Bajopay Terminal

We are adapting to a changing world, providing payment solutions to all people around the world.

 We believe that the best way to help, simply comes when you know the customers on the other side. Bajopay is a product of exactly this, with knowhow from being an entrepreneur for 20 years working with payment solutions daily we realised that certain key elements were missing.

A fast payment solution that was transparent and reliable, fully integrated, scalable and adjustable to meet the future of payment solutions.

Everything in one place

With Bajopay you have everything you need in one solution. We help you grow your business, put end-to-end payments, data and financial management in a single solution. Bajopay is your financial partner to help you realise your ambitions fast.  


"Easy" because that is what the right payment solution should be like. Transparency because we want things to be simple and open, so that you can spend your time growing your business. 

Higher conversion rate

Bajopay payment gateway supports the most used payment options internationally. We manage everything, helping to scale your business efficiently and without boundaries. 

Expand globally, stay local

Controlling your cashflow is paramount if you want to develop and grow your business. The right payment solution will help you expand globally, reaching customers all around the world while letting you stay local. Bajopay providing as a trustworthy partner that thinks with your customer´s mind.


Why choose Bajopay?

All payments made easy

Our goal is to simplify everything, we want to provide connection to receive payments across in-store, e-commerce, and mobile channels.

We want to make sure that no matter how your costumers want to pay, you can enjoy full transparency when it comes to your cost and payment data and we want you to know, that no matter how future demand may look like, our payment solutions are ready. 

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Contact us

Fill in your contact information and  find out more abut how Bajopay can support your business

We are more than ready to help you and our team have the knowledges to help you meet all demands regarding payment solutions in the future. With one integration to Bajopay you get access to all payment methods across Europe and trading worldwide.

Our office

Denmark (Humlebæk)

Humlebæk Strandvej 79A

3050 Humlebæk

Tlf: +45 71 71 71 82

Thanks for you request, our team will reply within a short period


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